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personal beauty shopping and artistry by alexis ansell

Your New Makeup Bag is a personalized beauty shopping company that will clean out your makeup bag, take you shopping to your favorite retail store, and teach you how to apply an everyday look and an evening look.


Alexis Ansell attended WVU and graduated with a bachelor’s of Science in Textiles Apparel and Merchandising. She loved fashion, but her true passion was makeup. She started working for multiple companies as a freelance makeup artist. She wanted to broaden her education to learn another side of the industry. She got into corporate at Bobbi Brown Cosmetics doing Education and PR. She then transferred over to Prescripitves where she went back to working in Education.


Alexis always wanted to help solve women’s beauty needs. Her goal is to make every woman feel beautiful and comfortable with themselves.  She would ask women at work “Why do you work for a cosmetic company and not wear any makeup?” She would always get the same answer. “I love makeup but I never know what to buy and how to apply it.”


She realized that women learn how to apply makeup one of two ways, either from their mothers or they attempt to teach themselves, but quickly lose patience.


This is where Your New Makeup Bag was born.  Alexis knows that with a few tips, training and the right tools every woman can learn how to be their own makeup artist.